Water Management

We take pride in our work, and you will too!

Stormwater runoff is the water that flows across your hardscapes (such as driveways, walkways and rooftops). The runoff water gets routed to the city storm water system, and then into our naturalized areas (such as creeks, ponds, lakes and wetlands). However, as our landscape changes with new roadways, and buildings, there are less areas to naturally absorb the runoff water. This causes flooding, and erosion problems.

At Art Wood Enterprises, we offer many water management solutions. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to come out, look at the problem and come up with the best solution. From rain water catchment (i.e., rain barrels) to permeable paver driveways, Art Wood Enterprises is your one stop for water management.

Below you can find some of the water management solutions that we offer. Looking for something not listed? Give us a call today at 519-221-1656!

  • Rain Water Collection
  • Rain Barrels
  • Permeable pavers
  • French drains
  • Leach drains / bed
  • Storm water ponds
  • Cisterns