Tree Service

Art Wood Enterprises offers various forms of forestry services, from low impact tree removal and selective pruning to high hazard tree removal, stump removal, land clearing, wood lot cleans, brush control/mowing, trail cutting and custom logging. Our team will work hard until the customer is happy, this is our guarantee.  Whether it’s to make your property beautiful or to clean up after a bad storm, we are happy to help.

Art Wood Tree Services

 Why choose Art Wood Enterprises For Trees?

  • More than 20years experience removing hazardous trees
  • Land clearing and forestry mulching available
  • Free estimates
  • Full cleanup service available
  • Brush control and mowing/mulching available
  • Stump grinding or excavating available
  • Selective pruning and shaping available
  • Tree planting
  • Trail cutting, cleaning and creation available
  • Fully insured
  • WSIB compliant
  • Emergency 24hr service available

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Have a tree and/or branches down on your property or need trees cleaned up from a storm?

Give us a call and we will come and clean and haul away the fallen debris! Art Wood Enterprises has many years of experience when it comes to cutting down trees. We have all the proper equipment necessary to get the job done! Whether it’s a smaller tree or huge tree, we’re confident we will get it done!


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Proudly Serving Iroquois Falls and surrounding area.