Art Wood Enterprises is proud to offer locally sourced firewood. We offer a variety of firewood types, sizes, packaging solutions and delivery options. Our packaged firewood products are available at local retailers and our property 1619 Moffat rd. Iroquois Falls. Contact us directly for custom and bulk orders. Follow us on facebook for current availability and pricing.



Kiln Dried Firewood

A favorite among both our heating fuel and our fireplace clients is our kiln dried firewood, as it creates a warmer, longer burning fire, and no bugs living in the wood and getting carried into your house!

We offer kiln dried firewood in 16″ cut. All of our kiln dried firewood is heat treated to a minimum core temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 24 hours. This sterilizes the wood, causing it to be bug, pest and mold free. We guarantee all of our kiln dried firewood to be below 25% moisture content.

Self Serve Firewood Shed Now OPEN!!! 

Visit us at 1619 Moffat rd. Iroquois Falls and try out the best firewood you’ll ever burn!

We offer Kiln dried Birch, Tamarack and mixed softwood in the shed

Follow us on facebook to be first to know of special kiln runs like cedar, maple, hickory ect…

Kiln Dried Bagged Firewood

    • 1 cuyrd bag
    • Unsorted, bulk machine handled only
    • Can be loose dumped, or delivered in bag
    • $30 deposit required for each bag (if keeping bag)
  • Kiln Dried Bundles¬†
    • 1.25 cuft bundle
    • Perfect size for that evening campfire!
    • Delivery available

We accept e-transfer, credit card, interact and cash!!

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood


  • Lower moisture content
    • Moisture content between 15% and 25%
    • Creates a cleaner burn
    • More heat produced
  • Cleaner Burning Wood
    • Less smoke produced
    • Won’t blacken the glass of your stove / fireplace door
    • Less irritating for neighbours
    • More environmentally friendly
  • Consistent quality
  • Heat Treatment Sterilizes Wood
    • Guaranteed to be free of bugs, larvae and live mold
  • Can be dried any time of year
    • Consistent year round supply

Proudly Serving Iroquois Falls, Timmins, Cochrane, Matheson and surrounding area.